CSPDM Series: Discussing Mental Health with Workplace Stakeholders – December 8, 2021

3This webinar focuses on the workplace as an external context that can enhance or reduce mental health and wellness. It provides an overview of how positive workplace mental health outcomes can be achieved through a combination of strategies to enhance both mental and physical health. These involve synchronized individual mental health interventions, physical and psychosocial supports within the workplace and access to disability management services. The term ‘workplace stakeholder’ refers to members of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety or DM Committee including Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety professionals, senior and middle managers, supervisors, union representatives and shop stewards.

The webinar is based on workplace mental health research, the Canadian Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (CSA, 2013) and national and international perspectives on good employer practice and effective implementation. It emphasises the importance of organization-wide prevention strategies as being more effective in optimizing mental health outcomes in comparison to identifying and treating individual mental health problems. It addresses barriers to effective implementation including the lack of clarity of terminology, the absence of consultation in the development process and lack of awareness of legal requirements. It highlights the critical role that self-disclosure can play in achieving more effective early intervention and stay-at-work results and reducing absenteeism and presenteeism. The impact of ICT and Covid-19 on mental health are also considered.

This CSPDM Series webinar was presented by Donal McAnaney, Phd and kindly supported by Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences

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