New Special Online Course – Looking Forward: Moving Change and Innovation in Workplace Health Systems – July 2020

Events arise—often unexpectedly. Organizations may need to react quickly to unexpected situations or conditions.

PCU-WHS is offering the following Special Online Course taking place over two weeks, July 13 – 26 to assist organizations, and those individuals at the workplace who are responsible for identifying and responding to disruptive events or changing conditions. Course description and contact information is provided below.

DMCS 805 Looking Forward: Moving Change and Innovation in Workplace Health Systems

Change, both welcome and unwelcome, is inevitable, ongoing and multi-faceted. More than ever, people within organizations need strategies for reacting quickly to problems and opportunities—both external and internal to their workplaces. This course is designed to provide those who are involved with workplace health systems—disability management, wellness, and health and safety programs—with tools and techniques to identify and respond to disruptive events, new situations and changing conditions in the most positive way possible by:
• Recognizing unanticipated or needed changes;
• Generating ideas, innovations and solutions;
• Using change management processes.

The online course includes print materials and video, a workbook for trying out tools and techniques, discussion forums and a short assignment. Course activities will span 2 weeks, requires an estimated 22 hours of study activity, and has been endorsed for 22 continuing education credit hours for the designations of Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and Certified Return to Work Coordinator (CRTWC).

Course runs: July 13 – July 26, 2020

For further details, please contact:
Jennifer Murray
Student Services
Tel: 778-421-0821, ext. 209