Dr. Parminder Ghura

Dr. Parminder Ghura is an Accredited Specialist in Occupational Medicine in Britain with the General Medical Council and a Licensed Family Medicine Physician in Ontario. He has 4 years of full-time Occupational Medicine training and was accepted as a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians in London (MFOM), England, after passing a rigourous set of written, oral and clinical examinations and successfully presented a dissertation to this body. He is also a Certificant of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He has provided extensive onsite occupational health advice in sectors including automotive (Nissan), manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, hospital, civil military, forestry/fisheries/farming, local and national government, police, meat hygiene, grocery, office work, service and other areas of industry. As an MBA, Master of Laws (LL.M) – passed with merit – and a Master of Science (Occupational Medicine), he has acquired an understanding of legal, ethical and occupational health issues, that has only been enhanced by over two decades of multi-jurisdictional experience in the United Kingdom, British Columbia and Ontario. This includes Most Responsible Physician (MRP) status as a Hospitalist on a variety of wards including cardiology, oncology, renal medicine, neurology/stroke unit, general medicine, rehabilitation, orthopedics, emergency room, general surgery and renal units. He provides medical opinions to a number of companies, insurance organizations and WSI.