Accepted Continuing Education Activities

Continuing Education Credit Hours

Proof of 20 continuing education credit (CEC) hours may be submitted each year, or proof of 40 CEC hours may be submitted every second year, and must include credits related directly to disability management and return to work that have been completed during the applicable renewal period.

Due to the new Certification Renewal Application deadline of September 30th 2023, The 2023 submission period for CEC hours is from June 1 to September 30.
The 2024 submission period for CEC hours is from October 1 to September 30.

Continuing Education Credit (CEC) hours activities must be summarized on the Continuing Education Summary form. Supporting documentation will include official transcripts, certificates of completion or other signed proof of attendance; a program or course description; an agenda or other proof of the number of hours claimed. Forms can be downloaded here.

To download a copy of the chart below, please click here.

Below is a list of acceptable activities for earning CEC hours in topic areas associated with the competency domain areas.

Please note: Many self study or audio continuing education opportunities would fall under the reading and research CEC hours category where the maximum hours you can earn is 5 CEC hours each year, or 10 CEC hours every two years. Download the Reading-Research Report form to keep a log of what you read, watch or listen to.

If you have any questions whether an activity would be acceptable for CEC hours, please contact Jennifer Eaton at 778-421-0821 Ext 210 or send an email to

List of Acceptable Continuing Education Activities

CEC Activity Credit Hours Documentation
Continuing Education 1 contact hour of graded and/or ungraded learning = 1 CEC hour

contact hour = class hour = attendance hour

Examples include:
•    Continuing education courses
•    Training courses
•    Conferences/seminars/workshops
•    Online/distance learning
•    Audio conferences
•    Webinars
•    Video conferences
•    University/college courses
•    Online classrooms

Completed Continuing Education Summary form, including:

  • Transcript(s)/grade report(s) indicating a passing mark, and course outline(s) that validates a graded activity (Graded hours do not include the time to write an exam. Graded hours are activities that have graded assignments)
  • Completion certificate(s) or Confirmation of Attendance form(s) with a description of the program attached
  • Please also indicate on the Continuing Education Summary form whether this was a graded or ungraded activity.
  • When attending a conference with a multiple concurrent sessions, clearly indicate which session(s) were attended. Submission must include the subject, content and length of each session attended. [Submit the Confirmation of Attendance form for each workshop along with the other requisite documents.]
 Teaching / Instruction 1 graded class hour = 5 CEC hours
(The course must include completing a graded assignment outside of instructional hours to be considered in this category)1 ungraded class hour – 3.5 CEC hours Examples include:

  • Teaching or moderating a course
  • Delivering professional presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars
Completed Continuing Education Summary form including:

  • Verifiable proof that you were teaching/presenting/moderating this activity.
  • Copies of educational materials, program agendas, or other relevant evidence including date and other details of the teaching/instruction, an indication as to whether it is graded or ungraded, as well as a course outline of the activity.
  • What new research is involved
  • Proof that is was of original design and developed in the applicable renewal period.

Credit will not be provided for duplicated course material or presentations.

 Writing 1 article published in a refereed publication:

  • Minimum 300 to 750 words = 7 CEC hours
  • 751 to 1,500 words = 10 CEC hours

1 article published in a non-refereed publication:

  • Minimum 300 to 750 words = 3.5 CEC hours
  • Over 750 words = 5 CEC hours
Completed Continuing Education Summary form including:

  • Copy of published article including name, date and other details of publication (including where it was published).
  • Articles specifically written for one’s company or employer to support or garner business (i.e. marketing articles, paid advertisement articles, etc.) cannot be submitted.

(Please note that the Disability Management Dialogue is a non-refereed publication)

Editorial Role for the Disability Management Dialogue Newsletter  1 year participation = 20 CEC hours
Participation on one of the Examination
 1 year participation = 20 CEC hours  Letter confirming participation
Reading / Research 1 research hour = 1 CEC hour to a maximum allowable for research of 5 CEC hours each year or 10 CEC hours every second year

Examples include:

  • Reading journals and books
  • Audio books and audio journals
  • Web-based reading and research
 Completed and signed Research Report form, with details of publications and websites

Please Note:

CEC hours cannot be claimed for meal/rest breaks, networking, registration, focus group, and exhibit activities (not an exhaustive list). For more information, please see the Continuing Education page in the Members Only section of 

When attending a conference, please indicate which workshops were attended and list specifically along with how long each workshop is Submit the Confirmation of Attendance form for each workshop (if something similar to it is not provided for you) along with the other requisite documents.