CSPDM Series- Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace – A personal perspective

The CSPDM Board of Directors is pleased to present this 60-minute webinar providing members with 1.0 CEC.

Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace – A personal perspective


Date:  June 20, 2024
Time: 08:00-09:00AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
CEC: 1.0 hour.
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At the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of:

  1. Neuro-differences through a non-medical lens,
  2. Language to enhance communication with neurodiverse workers,
  3. Opportunities for accommodating neuro-differences, and,
  4. How to reduce the stigma and promote a neurodiverse inclusive workplace to improve stay-at-work and return-to work outcomes.

Session highlights:

Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace offers a fresh lens through which organizations can innovate. Or it could be if only we could get past so many communication hurdles and misunderstandings.

By embracing Neurodiversity, we acknowledge the importance of incorporating diverse modes of thinking, perceiving, and expressing in our professional environments. But it goes beyond mere recognition; it’s about honoring the intricacies of each individual with their unique strengths, challenges, and preferences. Embracing intersectionality is key.


Approaching neuro-differences, both typical and divergent, is like exploring a new culture. It fosters understanding and empathy. Effective communication necessitates mutual effort, empathy, and value exchange. Is it effortless? Not quite. Can it be rewarding? Undoubtedly. Is the endeavor worthwhile? Absolutely.


Diverse teams may present complexities, yet they also yield remarkable productivity, outcomes, and connections if one is willing to broaden perspectives, confront biases, and venture beyond conventional approaches.


Featured Speaker:

Lisa Lewis, the founder of MindMosaic Inclusive HR, boasts over twelve years of extensive experience in human resources and management. She is adept at resolving complex issues, implementing change management strategies, and contributing to organizational development. Her passion lies in creating systems and environments that nurture high-performance workforces and future leaders while upholding values such as dignity, respect, diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace.

Diagnosed with ADHD and other neurodiversity’s later in life, she attributes her diverse background and success to her neurodivergent perspective. Originally hailing from the east coast of Canada, Lisa’s diverse traits have fueled her drive to extend her professional journey, leading her to work and travel to over 40 countries. She is actively involved in advocating for neurodiversity in the workplace, including speaking on platforms like the podcast ‘ADHD for Smart Assed Women’, participating in advisory committees and facilitating webinars and workshops. Lisa also provides organizational and one-on-one support, offering insight and creative solutions to workplace barriers.  Website: www.mindmosaic.ca


* The Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) is a jointly developed and administered Disability Management program within the British Columbia healthcare sector.  Stemming from a NIDMAR Consensus Based DM Audit (CBMDA), the EDMP is in all health authorities and negotiated into the Collective Agreements of the four major health sector unions. For more information: BCNU Enhanced Disability Program or HEABC Enhanced Disability Program