Educational Programs

Invest in your future.

Educational opportunities are expanding across the country in response to the demand for more comprehensive education programs for disability management and return to work practitioners.

There are many Certificate and Diploma programs available at various educational institutions across the country. Choose the program that best meets your needs in terms of location, full or part-time study, prerequisites and credential offered. Many programs are offered by distance delivery, online or in print, allowing you to continue working and earning while learning the skills and knowledge that are of practical value to practitioners working in the field. Some programs may include a cooperative education, practicum or internship component, particularly useful for those learners who are not presently working in the field of disability management / return to work.

The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences ( offers Canada’s first Bachelor of Disability Management degree, providing graduates with the knowlege and skills necessary to assist management, labour, insurance, service providers, employers and employees with the development of successful work entry or return to work strategies for persons with disabilities. Further details regarding this degree program, courses, admissions timetable, etc., can be found on the PCU-WHS website at:

The Advanced Certificate in Return to Work (ACRTW) is a post graduate credential offered by PCU-WHS and is designed for career professionals who have already completed an undergraduate degree. The ACRTW is offered as on an online certificate, allowing professionals the ability to achieve a specialized one year post graduate credential in a flexible format to fit busy schedules and competing lifestyle obligations. For the more information, please visit the website at:

The University is also offering the continuing education modules previously offered by NIDMAR. The courses in the Disability Management Practitioner Certificate Program may be taken independently or as a complete 25-course program. These courses emphasize the skills and knowledge required to return to work individuals who have incurred injuries or illnesses and provide an introduction to the competencies that are required to introduce and administer disability management programs. For information on the modules and a schedule of upcoming offerings, please visit the website at: