Employers Mutual in New South Wales Renews NIDMAR License “Indefinitely”

EML identified that there is a very real need for increased education in the disability / injury management field. With the large number of audits completed in the coal mining sector in New South Wales, EML have been able to quantify that there is a direct link between low premium rates and international standards – even in a very dangerous industry.   Full story

Certification provides benefits to professionals

In this last of three issues profiling CDMPs and CRTWCs across Canada who received their professional designations in 2008, the Bulletin takes a look at how the role of disability management professionals has evolved since becoming certified.  Full story

Australians Gain Professional Certification

The number of Certified Disability Management Professionals (CDMPs) in Australia is growing and, in tandem, many CDMPs area also training to become certified auditors qualified to administer the Consensus Based Disability Management Audit (CBDMA), a tool fast gaining ground “down under”. Full story

Helping HR professionals and worker representatives make good DM decisions

As evidenced by the level of interest in the 4th International Forum on Disability Management held in Berlin in September 2008, the principles underpinning disability management (DM) have become widely accepted internationally as a key to reducing impairment and disability in society. This strong interest is echoed in the number of organizations that have joined the International Disability Management Standards Council (IDMSC).  Full story

Certified DM professionals gain increased job and career flexibility

In this second of three issues, the Bulletin spoke with individuals across the country who successfully passed the certification examinations for the designations of Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and Certified Return to Work Coordinator (CRTWC) to explore how this achievement has affected their careers.  Full story

Certified DM professionals expanding around the world

The number of Certified Disability Management Professionals (CDMPs) and Certified Return to Work Coordinators (CRTWCs) has continued to grow worldwide with 13 countries offering the professional certification examinations. Along with the recognition that these designations provide, they also indicate a competitive edge and considerably enhanced outcomes for all parties involved in the disability management and return to work process. To exemplify, here are profiles of some of the newly certified professionals making a difference in diverse parts of the world from the UK and Ireland to New Zealand and South Africa. To download the bulletin, please click on the link provided:   Full story

Hong Kong offers CDMP Examinations

The Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC) of Hong Kong joined the Internatioinal Disability Management Standards Council when it signed an official license agreement to offer the professional certification examination. Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in early 2008, the international Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) certification examination was offered in May 2008 in Hong Kong and this arrangement was later formalized when a license agreement was signed during the International Forum on Disability Management in Berlin in September 2008. For further information, please click on the link provided to review the announcement.   Full story