Certified Return to Work Coordinator (CRTWC)

Certified Return to Work Coordinators may work internally within their own organization or externally as a provider. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to expediting, coordinating and facilitating the return to work of persons with injuries, illnesses and disabilities in a range of settings.

Specifically, they may:

  • ┬áDevelop and maintain an atmosphere of trust and mutual support with workers.
  • Advise the worker about benefits and entitlements, including the services of the disability management program.
  • Provide information and support to family members as needed.
  • Arrange appropriate medical, vocational and work capacity assessments.
  • Collect information and suggestions from the worker, all stakeholder groups, health providers and community resources to identify how the work environment can be adopted to fit the capacity of the worker with a temporary or permanent impairment.
  • Use the information and suggestions to develop an effective return-to-work plan in consultation with the worker.
  • Ensure suitable medical treatment and rehabilitation are provided.
  • Identify other support services that might assist the worker, including self-help groups, counselling and support from community organizations.
  • Provide advice on government programs available to the worker to cover equipment needs, training or required alterations to the workplace or home.
  • Ensure that all elements of the return-to-work plan are in place, from equipment and services to assistive technology and job modifications.
  • Monitor return-to-work progress, making changes are required.
  • Assist workers who cannot return to their previous jobs in obtaining career counselling, training and job search or entrepreneurial skills.
  • Evaluate the success and cost of the completed return-to-work plan, assess the satisfaction of workers and their supervisors and determine whether follow-up is needed.
  • Inform benefit providers when the return-to-work program has concluded.