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CSPDM will host IFDM 2024 in Vancouver B.C
Disability Management in a Post-Pandemic World
Solutions for a Vastly Changing Work Environment

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September 15-17, 2024

IFDM 2024

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CDMP Graduation Ceremony Malaysia 2024



The 2024 PERKESO Professional Certification Graduation Ceremony celebrated the successful certification of 183 individuals who passed the Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and Certified International Pension and Retirement Professional (CIPRP) examinations in Malaysia. This accomplishment represents a noteworthy milestone in recognizing professionalism in Disability Management and retirement planning within the country.

Among the recipients, 125 locals received the CDMP certification, with 14 individuals representing international entities such as the Employees’ Compensation Commission (Philippines) and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Indonesia). Additionally, 44 individuals were awarded the CIPRP certification.

The CDMP certification underscores the importance of Disability Management in facilitating employees’ return to work and prioritizing employee health and employer needs. Certificate holders are pivotal in policy development, fostering conducive work environments, and enhancing employee productivity.
To view the full Communiqué, please click on the link below.

IDMSC Communique Vol 17 No 50 CDMP Graduation Ceremony PERKESO Malaysia March 2024

The Workplace Disability Management Assessment:

The Workplace Disability Management Assessment: An employer’s guide to reducing costs and retaining valuable workers

This 12-minute video promotes the benefits of undertaking an assessment of a workplace program. And as Bill Dyer, Director of Program Assessments states, “…we are not here to point fingers and tell people that they haven’t been doing their jobs. In fact, the assessment is a supportive and confidential discussion with a consensus-based approach. And the only person who gets the report is the person who requested it.”

Under the current BC and Federal Government initiatives, the cost of a program assessment is covered by the grants, so there is no cost.

For further details and/or to apply, please go to:

Organizations located in British Columbia: https://www.nidmar.ca/news/full_story.asp?fid=284

Organizations located in Canada outside of British Columbia: https://www.nidmar.ca/news/full_story.asp?fid=295


Or, please contact NIDMAR at: nidmar@nidmar.ca

Optimizing Return to Work through Successful Early Intervention


Optimizing Return to Work through Successful Early Intervention


Following the recent BC Government’s New Release from the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction entitled “People with injuries, disabilities supported getting back to work”, NIDMAR has issued a News Release providing additional details with regard to this latest initiative “Reducing Poverty through Early Intervention and Occupational Rehabilitation Initiative.

Please click the following link to download the NIDMAR News Release:


International News: UK Ceremony to Award CDMP Certificates

We’re happy to share some positive international news from our colleagues in the UK.

The recent relaxing of COVID restrictions in the UK has allowed for a celebration to recognize those individuals who have passed the NIDMAR professional exams for the Certified Disability Manager Professional (CDMP) designation.  Here are some photos of the ceremony where the certificates were awarded by Graham Halsey, the UK License holder, and Dr. Norma Clark from the Scottish government.

Congratulations to the successful candidates!  We look forward to when we can safely gather again for in-person conferences in Canada, at which time we can recognize and celebrate the 2020/2021 CRTWC and CDMP graduates from our region.

CDMP – The Gold Standard for Disability Management Professionals

Launched in 1998 as a joint development effort with the Occupational Standards Branch at Employment and Social Development Canada, this $2 million initiative, designed to codify key competency knowledge domain areas required to successfully assist individuals who acquire a mental or physical health impairment in maintaining their employment, has reached a major milestone.

Development, testing and validation, in collaboration with employers, unions, workers compensation boards, and other relevant stakeholder groups, as well as incorporating key research findings from a major international ILO study has now led to over 4,000 individuals carrying the CDMP designation in more than 20 countries. This growing global Disability Management Professional community is having a significant impact in reducing the socio-economic cost of mental and physical health impairments on individuals, their families, employers, and society at large.

This short 10-minute video offers a snapshot of the value proposition associated with obtaining this coveted Certified Disability Management Professional designation. Please click on the following link: CDMP – The Gold Standard for Disability Management Professionals

BC Government introduces new accessibility legislation and awards grant to support culture of accommodation in the workplace

New accessibility legislation will set British Columbia on the path to a more accessible and inclusive province for people with disabilities and their support networks.

If passed, the accessible British Columbia act will allow government to establish accessibility standards aimed at identifying, removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and inclusion. Standards will be developed in a range of areas such as employment, the delivery of services and the built environment.

“We’re committed to improving the lives of people living with disabilities, and today’s introduction of the accessible British Columbia act marks an important step in building an accessible province that works for all of us,” said Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. “To be a truly inclusive province, we must integrate accessibility into all aspects of our lives. This legislation will support the development of new accessibility standards, which will help ensure all British Columbians can participate more fully in their communities.”

To view the News Release made by the BC Government about the proposed accessible British Columbia act, please click on the following link: More Information

In a separate release, the Province announced that it is providing NIDMAR a $6 million one-time grant to administer a RTW and DM education and program support project over the next four years.

The project includes three strategies to support BC employers to accommodate injured workers to return to work as well as increase the number of people with disabilities in the provincial workforce through:
•    Disabilty management program assessments and improvements
•    Educational development
•    Professionalization

Dan Coulter, Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility said, “Every worker has the right to return home safely from work. As someone who has endured a serious workplace injury myself, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to return to the workplace. This funding will help more people successfully transition back into the workforce.”

Wolfgang Zimmermann, Executive Director of NIDMAR said, “We very much appreciate the support of the Province to enable us to provide employers in BC with education, professional certification and implement a Return to Work/Disability Management program so they can assist workers who acquire a mental or physical health impairment to maintain attachment to their workforce. Over 80% of impairments occur during a person’s work life, and spending a year on disability support, less than 1% will work again. Workplace efforts in early intervention and return to work play a key role in successful socio-economic outcomes for the injured/disabled worker.”

Lance Blanco, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development Hardwoods Distribution Inc. said, “This is a tremendous opportunity. Employers in collaboration with their employees, can effect meaningful change through personal leadership and by introducing organizational policies and practices that focus on retaining valuable workers they might otherwise lose to the onset of a mental or physical health impairment. Everyone benefits when we build a culture of accommodation that recognizes the important contributions we can all make.”

Sussanne Skidmore, Secretary Treasurer, BC Federation of Labour said, “We are encouraged by this practical investment that will help injured workers to return to work. While there is much work to do to improve accessibility and supports for injured workers, employers will now have access to training and skills development to ensure they properly support their workers.”

The Honourable Minister of Labour, Harry Bains said, “Ensuring that workers who become injured or disabled have the supports they need to be able to return to work is vital to a healthy and just workforce. This grant will go a long way to improve and expand BC’s disability management and return-to-work resources and provide workers and employers with more of the supports they need.”

For further details regarding this grant, please contact NIDMAR by email at: nidmar@nidmar.ca

For BC residents interested to be notified of future certification grant opportunities please register at: info@cspdm.ca

To view the News Release made by the BC Government Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, please click on the following link: More Information

IDMSC Communique: Scottish Government NIDMAR Program – Interview with Dr. Norma Clark, Project Manager

Attached please find the latest Communique from the International Disability Management Standards Council (IDMSC) with regard to the Scottish Government NIDMAR Program and an interview with Dr. Norma Clark, Project Manager.

Committed to better outcomes for individuals with mental and physical health impairments, the article highlights the leadership of the Scottish Government and Dr. Norma Clark’s personal dedication and vision.

IDMSC Communique Vol 15 No 45 Scottish Government Program Interview with Dr Norma Clark March 2021

2020: CSPDM Year in Review

Members of the Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management are part of a growing community of dedicated professionals worldwide. CDMPs and CRTWCs work tirelessly to support individuals with mental/physical health challenges in being accommodated in the workplace, allowing them the chance to maintain financial independence, continue to realize their potential, contribute to society, and continue to access the same opportunities as their able bodied peers.

In 2020 our members faced unprecedented challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses worldwide to adjust to new public health orders and re-imagine their daily operations. Disability Managers and Return to Work Specialists were navigating their own workplace disruptions, with access to their usual systems and supports suddenly impacted with the wholesale shift to working from home. CSPDM professionals have reported their heaviest workload to date with many seeing extraordinary surges in the number of cases they are managing.

Read the latest CSPDM Connections newsletter for a review of CSPDM news and events in 2020.


A NEW Certificate Program is now available through PCU-WHS – EFFECTIVE WORKPLACE RESPONSES TO MENTAL HEALTH

This eight-module Certificate Program addresses the mental health aspects of disability management and engages a holistic approach to foundational and current challenges related to evolving societal changes, the realities of a global pandemic and resultant workplace challenges.

Those whose responsibilities include disability management, return to work, human resources and health and safety are on the front lines as mental health conditions represent the greatest proportion of disability management claims. This Mental Health Certificate is centered on providing tactical learning opportunities for professionals to attain a perspective of informed “responding” versus well-intentioned “reacting”.

More information available here: https://www.pcu-whs.ca/2020/12/new-certificate-program-effective-workplace-responses-to-mental-health/

Note: A 10% discount is available to CSPDM Members in good standing.

The Global Gold Standard in Return to Work and Disability Management Certification

In response to Canadian WCBs and countries around the world adopting the CDMP and CRTWC professional designations, attached please find a brief synopsis of the history development process of these internationally recognized professional certifications.

The Global Gold Standard in Return to Work and Disability Management Certification

“Having an internationally recognized certification standard is really important. It helps when going to conferences and networking. You know that people are working toward the same goals around the world.”
– Comment from a CSPDM Member

Remembering a Global Leader in Workplace Health and Safety

With the recent sudden and untimely passing of Ralph McGinn, WorkSafeBC not only lost an extremely knowledgeable and committed Chair of its Board of Directors, but many lost a personal friend, and our country and the world has lost a foremost leader who made improving workplace health and safety a life-long priority, all the while leading his professional efforts through a very collaborative and personal engagement style which led to many lasting friendships.

In addition to all his tangible and lasting OS&H achievements, Ralph also thoroughly understood the value and importance of effective Return to Work and Disability Management programs, the positive impact that effective policies, programs and practices in these areas could have on the economic, social and psychological well-being of injured and disabled workers while at the same time reducing costs to employers and society at large. Ralph’s larger than life impact can perhaps be best explained through comments from a small cross section of the many individuals who made their voices heard.

To view the full Communiqué, please click on the following link:
More Information

2020 Graduation CDMP and CRTWC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

A graduation event was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in early March at which 80 participants were honoured who achieved the Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and the Certified Return to Work Coordinator (CRTWC) professional designations for this year, and including 38 who were re-certified. SOCSO, the social security organization of Malaysia, now has 143 CDMP and CRTWC practitioners.

Additionally, this year three individuals from local hospitals wrote and passed the examinations and four members of Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) Ketenagakerjaan from Indonesia also wrote and passed the examinations.

A launch of the Malay language version of the Book on Disability Management Module also took place at the graduation ceremony. This book, published in collaboration with the Social Wellbeing Research Centre at the Universiti Malaya, will be a source of reference for many, especially employers, hospitals and other public agencies. It is one of SOCSO’s initiatives to spearhead disability management by offering training and examinations to disability management practitioners from the Southeast Asian region in addition to those in Malaysia.

For further details and to view the graduation photos, please click on the following link to view the Communiqué. More Information